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Motel Rates
1-2 people: $65 plus tax

1 person: $329 plus tax
2 people: $349 plus tax


Have Questions?
Call (719) 591 - 1402

RV Park Rates 

Daily: $57 plus tax
Weekly: $349 plus tax
Pull-through Monthly: $705
Back-in Monthly: $685

Monthly Storage Space

Less than or Equal to 20 ft: $55
20 ft - 34 ft: $65 
35 ft to 50 ft: $100

6225 E. Platte Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80915
 call: (719) 591-1402 
Non-Negotiable: all rooms are non-smoking and non-pet friendly
Room Includes: TV, small refrigerator, microwave, shower, sink, and queen-size beds
Non-negotiable: these prices are for 1-2 people. It is an additional $10 per day or $50 per month for each additional person staying in the RV

​water, sewer, laundry, shower/restroom facilities, electricity (30/50) and trash are included in this price. All covered in gravel. 
*RV model must be 2015 and newer!
open storage lots for cars, trailers, RV's, and boats (placement depends on size of vehicle)
This Rate is for 1 Month